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From the Arizona Licensed Beverage Association (ALBA)

Here are the proposed items that we would like to have considered for 2017:

1. Identifying those liquor violations, applicable to retailers, that could be subject to a statutory administrative adjustment that includes a fine and an employee training requirement; upon the completion of these items, the complaint would be dismissed and eliminated from the retailers record (similar to a traffic ticket).

2.Possible modification of the special event license provisions to provide more oversight and supervision
— yet to be determined.

3. There are three types of acts of violence—act of violence, repeated act of violence, and serious act of violence. ALBA would like to consider re-designating “act of violence” to a different term, such as: “act of aggression”.There may be other items that are brought to our attention. ALBA is looking forward to working with Steve and Don on the 2017 liquor omnibus bill