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Why Businesses in the Hospitality Industry Need to Protect Themselves with Proper Insurance

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Arizona Licensed Beverage Association (ALBA) has partnered with Illinois Casualty Company (ICC) to bring you a superior insurance program tailored to your business, effective January 1, 2021. 

As a member benefit, ALBA is pleased to announce that our valued members can enjoy up to a 10% discount on your eligible premiums. 

The Hospitality Industry has specific exposures that no other businesses have to consider, manage, and, most importantly, protect themselves from.


  • Weather knocks out the power in your restaurant’s neighborhood
  • Your building is vandalized and needs to be closed for repairs
  • Electrical issues keep you from operating your ovens for hours
  • Your walk-in breaks and you are forced to close the restaurant
  • A car drives into your building, causing extensive damage to the entrance
  • A guest slips on the floor, chokes on food, or has an allergy that the server was not informed about
  • A patron drinks alcohol prior to arriving at your bar, shows no signs of intoxication, but upon leaving gets into a car accident and seriously injures or kills someone as a result
  • A fight occurs on premise between patrons
  • An employee claims discrimination or sexual harassment against management or the owner
  • Someone hacks into your P.O.S. system and steals your patrons’ private information 

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The good news is you as a business owner can protect yourself and now you can save money while still getting the protection you need.