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In November 1936, three Arizona liquor retailers met to discuss banding together to protect themselves against unfair legislation. It was just three years since the end of Prohibition, but there were still those forces that wanted to hamper or destroy the liquor industry through overly-harsh laws. 

In December 1936, articles of incorporation were filed by Charlie V. Fowler, William P. Spalding, and Leo C. Higinbotham to form what is today the Arizona Licensed Beverage Association (ALBA).

Early on, the members of the young Association were seeing how being united brought positive results in the Legislature. They also appreciated that their organization had established a constructive relationship with the Liquor Department, which continues to this day.        

From the end of the Great Depression, through World War II, from one decade to the next and into the 21st century, ALBA has been the strong, reliable voice of Arizona’s liquor retailers in the Legislature. By its effective lobbying efforts for over 80 years, the Association has successfully prevented hundreds of anti-liquor laws from seeing the light of day.  To read the entire history of the Arizona Licensed Beverage Association, click on this link in PDF format.


Serving the Licensed Beverage Industry for the Great State of Arizona Since 1936