The study was authored by the late Dr. Gary Anders, professional economist and professor of economics at the W. P. Carey School of Business at Arizona State University, in collaboration with his wife, Dr. Kathleen Anders.

Entitled “Estimating the Economic Impact of Limited Video Gaming in Arizona,” the Anders study was commissioned by the Arizona Licensed Beverage Association (ALBA).

Concluding that the fiscally-troubled state of Arizona could derive between $525 million and $1.26 billion per year from video gaming machines in bars, restaurants and private clubs, the figures were based on extensive comparative research with other states that have allowed expanded gaming. The substantial new stream of revenue that could flow to the Arizona treasury is based upon an average of 50,000 VGM’s and is dependent upon the specific percentage of sharing adopted by the state.

We all agree Arizona schools, along with our educators, deserve far more money than they currently receive.  This may very well be the answer to the Arizona education funding crisis.

ALBA commissioned the Anders study to realistically and objectively determine the potential revenue benefits derived from expanded gaming by our largely small business members as well as the state.

This is probably the first time that there has been such a systematic examination of this subject, which we consider important, not only to our members, but to the Arizona community as a whole. As concerned, longtime citizens of this community, we believe an ongoing revenue source for Arizona can boost our education funding with a possible billion-dollar additional income source and, as such, is well-worth exploring.

We believe with no real solutions being offered, it’s time to discuss expanding gaming as a realistic solution to Arizona’s Education Crisis and create millions to invest in the aging infrastructure throughout the state without raising taxes.

President's Message:

   What may be the most far-reaching study ever conducted on the economic impact of allowing video gaming to be expanded to licensed liquor establishments in Arizona will be available for public review. Click this link to view the Gaming Study .


Gaming Study says Liquor Licensees Could Produce Over $1 Billion for Arizona.

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